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The security of your organization’s data and IT infrastructure is critical. More than critical. Look to us to help assert that idea as a reality- from a technological standpoint and in practice. Whether you have an interest in protecting trade secret, proprietary, or sensitive information or are bound by regulatory compliance, you need to be confident in the security of your data. Some of the tools we use to help secure your information assets, and ultimately your organization are:

· Security Audits
· HIPAA Security Rule Risk Analysis
· Data Backup & Recovery
· Disaster Recovery Planning
· Business Continuity Planning
· Malware Protection
· Policy Development & Review




Thrive /THri-v/ To grow or develop vigorously. Prosper; flourish. For your organization to thrive, your technology environment must be both hospitable and adaptive. Through forward thinking and action, you can provide your organization the optimum conditions to flourish. We encourage those conditions through the enhancement of the following areas:

· Network Infrastructure-
     Routing, switching, wireless, security
· System Architecture-
     Server, storage, and network design
· Virtualization Strategy-
     Performance optimization, tuning
· Cloud Technologies-
     Feasibility, benefit analysis


The decision has been made. It’s time to move. Whether you’re upgrading to the latest messaging platform, replacing some outdated servers, or engaging in a general technology refresh, we’re here. Our consultants are highly credentialed and highly experienced. Whether you’re upgrading a single server or have 30,000 mailboxes to move, we have the expertise to keep your project on target. Just a few of our core competencies include:

· System Upgrades
· Server Consolidation
· Messaging Migrations
· Virtualization
· Active Directory Migrations
· Project Management
· Cloud Technologies








You’ve made significant investments in your infrastructure. You’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the maximum possible performance and reliability from your system. Our proven methodologies provide visibility into the performance of your systems and a proactive means to ensure the highest possible uptimes. We believe there’s more value in your system never going down than there is in frequent break-fix calls.

· Complete IT Management
· Proactive Services Offering
· Systems Management
· Utilization Reporting
· Performance Monitoring and Tuning
· Resource Forcasting

A solid system is only the beginning. See: secure.

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